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The Action is Heating Up at DoylesRoom for the Aussie Millions

It that time again, shorter, colder days, winter just around the corner for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere. There is a way to get a break though, hop on over to DoylesRoom and get busy playing the Aussie Millions Satellite games! Make it to the top and you will be on your way to Australia in January where it will be summer time!

It won’t take a massive bankroll to qualify either, you can get in on the action for just $4+$0.40 in the daily qualifiers and you can also play in the Gold Chip qualifiers at just 2 Gold Chips! You can enter the competition by buying in direct at any level if you wish too. So if you want to avoid the semi-finals and quarter finals, you can buy in to the final for $300+$21. The four bucks sounds good to me though, plus it gives you a chance to take notes on players and get some valuable practice in.

As I mentioned above, there are many ways to work your way to the Aussie Millions Main Event. Spend some of your Gold Chips earned from playing in real money games to go to the Aussie Millions free, or jump in to any level of the qualifiers. The schedule of qualifiers is listed below.

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DoylesRoom Aussie Millions Qualifier Schedule

Aussie Millions Semi Qualifier Tournaments

Day Times Name Cost Payout
Sunday 1:00 PM & 10:00 PM Aussie Millions Semi Qualifier – Gold Chip R&A 2 Gold Chips Top 10 advance to Aussie Millions $13K Semi-Final
Everyday Varies Aussie Millions Semi Qualifier – R&A $4.00 + .40 One Aussie Millions $13K Semi-Final seat per $60 in the prize pool
Sit n Go Sit n Go Aussie Millions Semi Qualifier $10.50 1st place goes to the Aussie Millions $13K Semi-Final 2nd place: $20 3rd place: $12 4th place: $8

Aussie Millions Open Satellite Cash and Gold Chips

Saturday 8:00 PM Aussie Millions Semi Qualifier – Gold Chip R&A 10 Gold Chips Top 5 go on to the Aussie Millions $13K Final
Daily Varies Aussie Millions Open Satellite R&A $12.00 + $1.00 One Aussie Millions $13K Final seat for $321 in the prize pool

Aussie Millions $13K Semi-Final

Sunday 5:00 PM Aussie Millions $13K Semi-Final $57.00 + 3.00 One Aussie Millions $13K Final seat for $321 in the prize pool

Aussie Millions $13K Final

Sunday 8:00 PM Aussie Millions $13K Final $300 + 21.00 One Aussie Millions prize pack for every $13K in the prize pool

Complete rules, terms and conditions can be viewed at the DoylesRoom Aussie Millions Promotion page.

Here is what you win with the $13,000 DoylesRoom Aussie Millions Package:

  • $10,500 (AUD) No Limit Holdem Main Event seat running January 24th to January 31st, 2010.
  • 10 night stay at the Crown Promenade January 22nd to February 1st.
  • Entry to the Aussie Millions Welcome Party- January 22nd.
  • Entry to the Aussie Millions $50k Freeroll – January 26th.
  • Entry to the Aussie Millions Farewell Party – January 31st.
  • $1,500 in cash to your DoylesRoom account for travel expenses.
  • Official DoylesRoom tournament gear pack.
  • Autographed copies of Doyle Brunson’s Super System 1 & 2 books

Win Your $13,000 Aussie Millions Package Now US Players welcome to compete!

You can learn more about this online poker room at our DoylesRoom Review page.

Free Aussie Millions Seats Now Available!

Win Aussie Millions SeatsIt won’t be long now, the 2010 Aussie Millions will begin on Thursday January 14, 2010 at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. The events will run for 17 days ending on the 31st with the main event final table and a $500 + $50 NL holdem turbo.

The 17 days are filled with numerous events and plenty of poker action to satisfy even the most poker hungry fan or player! There will be 20 separate events this year within the 17 day span of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship. Last year’s main event winner was Gus Hansen. This year it could be you!

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The Grand Final will award one seat for every $15,000 in the prizepool and then split the remaining cash over the top players that did not win a seat. Are you getting excited yet? Let me share how to claim the ticket and a bit of information on Spin32Poker. Let me also add, this bonus is available to first time depositors and players that have previously deposited too. So anyone can claim this deal one time (only).

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WIN Aussie Millions Seats

The 2010 Aussie Millions Schedule:

Date Time Event # Tournament Buy-in and Entry Fee
Thursday, Jan 14 7:10pm 1 Opening Event – No Limit Holdem Day 1
Flight 1
$1,000 + 100
Friday, Jan 15 10:10am   Phase 2 Satellite   $230 + 20
  12:30pm   Opening Event – No Limit Holdem Day 1 Flight 2 $1,000 + 100
  6:15pm   Supershot Satellite 1 (Phase 3) $1,050 + 100
Saturday, Jan 16 10:10am   Phase 2 Satellite  $230 + 20
  12:30pm Opening Event – No Limit Holdem Day 1 Flight 3 $1,000 + 100
  2:15pm   Phase 2 Satellite   $230 + 20
  6:15pm   Supershot Satellite 2 (Phase 3) $1,050 + 100 
Sunday, Jan 17 10:10am   Phase 2 Satellite $230 + 20
  12:30pm   Opening Event – No Limit Holdem Day 2 $1,000 + 100
  2:15pm   Phase 2 Satellite  $230 + 20
  4:15pm  2 PokerPro No Limit Holdem $500 + 50
  6:15pm   Supershot Satellite 3 (Phase 3)  $1,050 + 100
Monday, Jan 18 10:10am   Phase 2 Satellite  $230 + 20
  12:30pm  3 Limit Holdem (2 Day Event) $1,000 + 100
  2:15pm   Phase 2 Satellite  $230 + 20
  6:15pm   Supershot Satellite 4 (Phase 3)  $1,050 + 100 
Tuesday, Jan 19  10:10am   Phase 2 Satellite   $230 + 20 
  12:30pm  4 Pot Limit Omaha (2 Day Event) $1,000 + 100
  2:15pm   Phase 2 Satellite  $230 + 20 
  4:00pm   Limit Holdem Day 2    
Wednesday, Jan 20 10:10am    Phase 2 Satellite  $230 + 20 
  12:30pm 5 Feature Event – No Limit Holdem (Bounties)
2 Day Event
$1,500 + 150
   2:15pm   Phase 2 Satellite $230 + 20 
   4:00pm   Pot Limit Omaha Day 2   
   6:15pm   Supershot Satellite 6 (Phase 3)  $1,050 + 100
Thursday, Jan 21  10:10am   Phase 2 Satellite $230 + 20 
  12:30pm  6 H.O.R.S.E. (2 Day Event) $1,000 + 100
  4:00pm   Feature Event – Bounties Day 2   
  4:15pm   Supershot Satellite 7 (Phase 3)  $1,050 + 100
  7:15pm   Charity Event  $1,000/$500 Rebuys 
Friday, Jan 22  10:10am    Phase 2 Satellite  $230 + 20
  12:30pm  7 No Limit Holdem – Rebuys (2 Day Event) $1,000 + 150 with $1,000 Rebuys
  2:15pm   Phase 2 Satellite   $230 + 20
  4:00pm   H.O.R.S.E. Day 2   
  6.15pm   Supershot Satellite 8 (Phase 3)  $1050 + 100 
Saturday, January 23  10:10am    Phase 2 Satellite   $230 + 20
  12:30pm   Supershot Satellite 9 (Phase 3)  $1,050 + 100
  2:15pm  8 $100,00 Challenge (2 Day Event) $100,000 + 500
  4:00pm    Event 6 Day 2   
  4:15pm   Supershot Satellite 10 (Phase 3) $1,050 + 100
Sunday, Jan 24  10:10am    Last Chance Phase 2 Satellite 1  $230 + 20
  12:30pm  9 Aussie Millions Main Event – Day 1 Flight 1 $10,000 + 500
  2:15pm 10 PokerPro No Limit Holdem Shootout(90 Players Max) $500 + 50
  6:15pm    Last Chance Supershot Satellite 1  $1,050 + 100 
Monday, Jan 25 10:10am   Last Chance Phase 2 Satellite 2 $230 + 20 
  12:30pm   Aussie Millions Main Event – Day 1 Flight 2 $10,000 + 500
  2:00pm   $100,000 Challenge Day 2   
  2:15pm 11 PokerPro Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo(80 Players Max) $500 + 50
  6:15pm    Last Chance Supershot Satellite 2  $1,050 + 100
Tuesday, Jan 26 12:30pm    Aussie Millions Main Event – Day 1 Flight 3  $10,000 + 500 
  2:15pm 12 PokerPro 7 Card Stud (80 Players Max) $500 + 50
  4:15pm 13 Australian Heads Up Championship – Field A (32 Players Max) $5,000 + 300
Wednesday, Jan 27 12:30pm   Aussie Millions Main Event – Day 2  
  2:15pm   Australian Heads Up Championship – Field B (32 Players Max) $5,000 + 300
  4:15pm 14 Teams Event – No Limit Holdem $1,000 + 100
Thursday, Jan 28 12:30pm   Aussie Millions Main Event – Day 3  
  12:45pm 15 Pot Limit Omaha $10,000 + 500
  2:15pm   Australian Heads Up Championship – Finals  
  4:15pm 16 Mixed Holdem $1,000 + 100
Friday, Jan 29 12:30pm   Aussie Millions Main Event – Day 4  
  12:45pm 17 No Limit Holdem/Pot Limit Omaha – Rebuys $1,000 + 150 with $500 Rebuys
  2:15pm 18 H.O.R.S.E. (2 Day Event) $10,000 + 500
   4:15pm   No Limit Holdem $500 + 50
Saturday, Jan 30 12:30pm   Aussie Millions Main Event – Day 5  
  12:45pm 19 No Limit Holdem 6 Handed (2 Day Event) $2,000 + 200
  2:15pm    H.O.R.S.E. – Day 2   
Sunday, Jan 31 12:30pm   Aussie Millions Main Event – Final Table  
  12:45pm 20 Turbo No Limit Holdem $500 + 50
  2:15pm    No Limit Holdem 6 Handed – Day 2   
  9:00pm   Aussie Millions Player Party