CEREUS Poker Network in Serious Trouble Again!

Well the CEREUS Poker Network home of Absolute Poker and newly re-branded UB.com (formerly UltimateBet.com) are in the news again and once again it is not good news. Players may recall the super user issues that plagued both poker rooms in the past and a 60 Minutes television special exposing the issues to millions of viewers.

Late last week the Kahnawake Gaming Commission issued a warning to players using the CEREUS Poker Network that there could be a potential security issue allowing player’s gaming data to be accessed improperly.

Paul Leggett, COO of Tokwiro Enterprises (which owns both UB and Absolute Poker) also issued a statement acknowledging the security issues and promised to do everything he can to fix the problem.

The Kahnawake press release is as follows:


May 7, 2010

The Commission has been advised of a security issue concerning the CEREUS poker network used by the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet poker sites. The issue concerns the mechanism used by CEREUS for network transmissions having a potential for player gaming data to be improperly accessed under certain specific circumstances.

The Commission is actively reviewing this matter with senior management of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet and with its Approved Agents. The Commission will issue a further notice of its findings as soon as this review is completed.

The Commission is monitoring immediate measures that are being taken to address the security issue and is advised that a more permanent solution is to be implemented on an urgent basis.

Based on information available at this time, it appears unlikely that player gaming data was actually compromised. However, this possibility will be reviewed further and, if necessary, the Commission will direct that the appropriate remedial actions be taken.

Until a solution to the security issue is fully implemented, the Commission recommends that players use caution when accessing the Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet sites, in particular when using a public network (wired or wireless) or a private wireless network.

For further information, please contact the Kahnawake Gaming Commission at info@gamingcommission.ca .

P.O. Box 1799, Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada J0L1B0

Telephone: (450) 635-1076 Fax: (450) 635-1139 E-mail: info@gamingcommission.ca

Poker Player US does not promote or recommend the CEREUS Network, Absolute Poker or UB.com to players and has listed the brands on a blacklist since early 2009 and recommends that players avoid playing on the CEREUS network. With a large assortment of reputable online poker rooms, there are plenty of choices for players to make that do not expose them to such unattractive behaviour and software issues.

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