The proof is in the pudding: The $6 Million Venom makes an impression

ACR $6 Million Venom Results

Any poker site can boast about how their latest tournament is bigger or better than anything offered by the competition. But only one poker room can actually back up those claims with numbers.

That site is Americas Cardroom and the tournament we’re talking about is the $6 Million Venom, which just wrapped in spectacular fashion. Here’s a glance at how it all unfolded:

  • Total initially guaranteed: $6 Million
  • Final prize pool: $6,740,000
  • Total entries: 2,696
  • 1st place prize initially guaranteed: $1 Million
  • Final 1st place prize: $1,039,982

The big winner of the tournament was ‘galodoido13’. Look for his name making headlines because he just became an instant millionaire.

If you want to follow in his footsteps, stop by Americas Cardroom in 6 months for the next $6 Million Venom. The online poker site just announced that they’re making the Venom a permanent fixture on the tournament schedule.

We don’t know if the next one will be $6 Million, $7 Million, or something even bigger, so we recommend watching Americas Cardroom to find out. And then make a plan to conquer the tournament. We’ll be rooting for you.

Americas Cardroom is celebrating the New Year with a special Blitz Bonus Builder promo. From January 1st to 10th you can get $10 bonus cash for every 250 Blitz Poker hands dealt. That’s up to $100 bonus daily and $1,000 total.

ACR’s $12 Million Online Super Series hitting high point

Americas Cardroom OSS

We’re officially in the month of December. That means presents are just around the corner, both the ones you give and receive.

But if you’re worried that the gifts you receive might be a little low this year, then we recommend heading over to US-facing Americas Cardroom. Once you play in their promotions this month, you could have plenty of dough to buy yourself anything you want!

Their Online Super Series (OSS) began November 20th and will end on Sunday, December 15th. This is their flagship series that is made for all player types, from the newbie to the professional.

The OSS has $12 Million in guaranteed prize pools across 151 tournaments. Satellites are available for all major events. More big news is that the two largest OSS tourneys are still remaining. They are the $1 Million guaranteed Main Events. Here’s the schedule:

  • $1 Million GTD Main Event on Sunday, December 8th at 3pm ET ($540 buy-in).
  • $1 Million GTD Main Event on Sunday, December 15th at 3pm ET ($215 buy-in).

You should really know the details about the second of the $1 Million Main Events. It has 13 Day 1’s to choose from and the advancing players then take part in Day 2 on Sunday, December 15th. Go to Americas Cardroom now to view all the remaining Day 1 options.

Even Santa Claus himself will likely be playing in the Online Super Series! For all the details, click here.

Americas Cardroom’s $6 Million Venom tourney is coming quickly

ACR $6 Million VenomJust a few short months after Americas Cardroom made history with the successful $5 Million Venom, which finished with a giant $6,382,500 prize pool, the poker site is about to make history once again with a bigger $6 Million Venom. This is going to be the biggest event ever held by any US-facing poker site and the winner is guaranteed a massive $1,000,000, just like in the $5 Million Venom.

The Venom has four separate Day 1’s that will find players advancing to Day 2. It finishes on Wednesday, December 11th in what will certainly be one of the biggest days in the history of online poker.

You can grab your seat directly for $2,650 right now, or you can do what a large number of ACR players have already done and qualify for a seat at a fraction of the cost. Take advantage of ACR’s Step Tournaments, Skip Tournaments, Regular Satellites, Mega Satellites and Cyclones to get a seat for little or no money.

Step Tournaments start at a buy-in of $0. This means that you can actually earn a seat at the $2,650 Venom for free. Cyclones, which are a brand-new option starting November 14th, are offering a whirlwind of action, so check out the website and see how they work.

In addition, don’t forget about ACR’s Online Super Series (OSS) that will run through December 15th. $12 Million in total guarantees is ready to be handed out, including the cash to be awarded in the Venom, the Featured Event of the series. There are also two separate $1,000,000 GTD events and one even has a massive 13 Day 1 options.

Visit Americas Cardroom for all the details on the Online Super Series and $6 Million Venom.

Americas Cardroom gives Venom access a twist with Cyclones

ACR Venom CyclonesAmericas Cardroom (ACR) is almost ready to let the chips fly in the $6 Million GTD Venom tournament in November and, with $1 million in cash waiting for the person who takes it down, the event is already seeing a lot of excitement.

Participation can be bought for the $2,650 buy-in, or you can take advantage of the many Satellites, Mega Satellites, Step Tourneys and Skip Tourneys ACR has on the schedule. There’s also a new way you can pick up a seat and it’s really twisting things up.

ACR is offering Cyclone events that will get started on November 14th. These events will be available whether you prefer desktop or mobile poker and are a form of Blitz satellite that is incredibly fast.

Players begin by choosing any of the seven Steps they want to buy into, with the first Step at just 25 cents, and, once 5,000 chips are collected, they automatically move up to the next level. If you work your way through Step 7, you qualify for a $2,650 Venom seat!

What makes Cyclones even more incredible is that you can step away at any time without losing your chip stack – when you come back, all the chips will be waiting for you. Also, if you finish with over 5,000 chips on your last hand – for example, 5,500 chips – you are given a Step ticket to the next Step with the 5,000 chips, while the additional 500 will be used to automatically re-seat you on the Step you’re currently playing. This means you can potentially win an unlimited number of Venom seats with just one Cyclone!

Visit Americas Cardroom for all the details on Cyclones and the $6 Million Venom!

The $12 Million OSS at Americas Cardroom will be even bigger with the $6 Million Venom

Americas Cardroom (ACR) has already had a great and successful 2019, but the US-facing poker site isn’t quite done. In keeping with its goal of being the best poker option, it is going to bring the year to a close on a high note with the upcoming Online Super Series (OSS) from November 20th through December 15th. The series offers 26 days of poker action and includes $12 Million in guarantees across 150 tournaments.

ACR Venom and OSS

The OSS is designed for all types of players — from the beginner to the pro. It has a range of events, including NLH, PLO, and PLO8, with structures that include regular, turbo and hyper-turbo.

In the past, the OSS has included one $1-million guaranteed event; however, this time there are going to be two of them. One, beginning on Sunday, December 8th at 3pm ET, has a buy-in of $540 buy-in and the other has a $215 buy-in with 13 Day 1 options starting November 20th. Those who advance will look to make history starting Sunday, December 15th at 3pm ET.

The Featured Event of the OSS is the highly anticipated $6 Million Venom, which will get going on Wednesday, November 27th. It has a $2,650 buy-in, but there are ways to qualify for much less through ACR’s Step Tournaments, Skip Tournaments, Regular Satellites, Mega Satellites and Cyclones.

If you’re not familiar with Cyclones, they’re a type of rapid Blitz Poker satellite launching on November 14th. You can start at any step of the seven available – the lowest only costs $.25 – and, after winning 5,000 chips, you advance to the next level. Once you complete all 7 steps, you win a $2,650 Venom seat.

Visit Americas Cardroom for all the details on the Online Super Series and $6 Million Venom.

Americas Cardroom fighting poker BOTs heads-on

We have a major update from Americas Cardroom. The US-facing site has been fighting online poker BOTs heads on and is coming out on top.

Recently, online BOT provider War Bot removed Americas Cardroom from their list of supported sites, and Shanky technologies ( and Kraken, Medusa ( have reported that their BOTS are currently not working on the site.

Over the years, BOTS have been a problem for Americas Cardroom and almost every other poker site. Recently, ACR was forced to ban 12 players after being involved with bots and refunded $450,000 to affected customers.

Americas Cardroom knew they couldn’t keep doing the status quo. So first they enlarged both their BOT and Customer Assessment teams.

Next, they unleashed quite a significant software upgrade. BOT companies now have to keep reprogramming their software to get it to function on ACR. Most BOT companies have decided to move onto other sites.

Finally, ACR added a new Google Captcha service in the poker client that really helps catch BOTS.

ACR $6 Million VenomAmericas Cardroom’s fight against bots is just one in a recent string of successes. They hosted a $5 Million Venom tourney this summer that had a $6,382,500 final prize pool. The winner took home over $1,050,000.

Beginning Wednesday, November 27th is an even-bigger $6 Million GTD Venom. Top prize is again $1 Million minimum and you can get your $2,650 seat for a fraction of the cost via satellites or even for free through Step tourneys.

Visit Americas Cardroom for complete details on the $6 Million Venom.

Americas Cardroom is the cash game site that doesn’t make you want to swear !

We wanted to lace this article with a lot of 4-letter expletives. Sadly, our editors told us cuss words would be a bad idea. We’re not sure that’s entirely fair, though. After all, how do you describe the treatment cash game players receive from some of the big poker sites out there without swearing? Really, they’re treated like a bag of shitake mushrooms (let’s see if our editor catches that one). If you’re a cash game player, you know exactly what we mean:

  • So many sites block you from using Heads-up Displays.
  • Hand Histories? Nope.
  • Rewards? You’re lucky if you can get enough money in a month to buy a cookie from McDonald’s.
  • Multi-tabling? No, no, and no.

We know, the worst! Thankfully, there’s Americas Cardroom, which lets you:

  • Play up to 24 tables at once
  • Use Hand Histories and Heads-up Displays
  • Enjoy serious rewards through Elite Benefits, a poker rewards program that comes with big incentives for your play
  • Make cash and earn tournament seats every week through The Beast, a points race just for cash game players

And it’s not just cash game players that are reaping the rewards. Tourney players are covered too with big tournament action, including the upcoming $6 Million Venom, which starts November 27th. It promises to be bigger and better than the recent $5 Million Venom, which saw a final prize pool of $6,382,400.

Are you in? Then come see what Americas Cardroom has to offer here!

ACR $6 Million GTD Venom

High Five coming back to Americas Cardroom on Sept. 10th

Heard the news? The popular High Five is coming back to US-facing poker site, Americas Cardroom from September 10th-29th.

The tournament series will last 20 days and have 100 tournaments. That’s four times bigger than usual. The guaranteed prize money has also had a huge increase this time around – $5 million in total.

ACR High Five Series

As usual, the High Five is a 420-friendly poker series. So it only makes sense that the Main Event offers a prize pool of $420,000. And there will be three of them (September 15th, 22nd and 29th), instead of the typical one. Each begins at 4pm Eastern Time.

You’ll also want to take advantage of the daily ‘courtesy break’; at 4:20pm ET. This is a 10-minute pause in the action to step away from the tables and get some fresh air, a bite to eat, or anything else you see fit! Click here to learn more!

The latest High Five series isn’t the only big poker announcement to be made by ACR. Starting Wednesday, November 27th is their multi-day $6 Million Venom event. This should be even bigger than their $5 Million Venom in July that finished with a $6,382,500 prize pool.

You don’t want to be scrambling for your $2,650 Venom seat, especially with a guaranteed $1 million again going to the winner. You can earn your seat for a fraction of the cost via satellites, or even for free through Step Tournaments.

Learn all the details about the $6 Million Venom by clicking here!

3-part OSS Cub3d returns July 21st at Americas Cardroom

ACR Online Super Series 2019

Have you heard about the OSS Cub3d over at Americas Cardroom? It’s a 3-part tournament series that has run seven times in their illustrious history. The latest incarnation will take place from July 21st to August 18th.

Here is the OSS Cub3d breakdown:

  1. $13 Million in guaranteed prize pools over 160 events
  2. Two $1,000,000 GTD Main Events
  3. Made up of the MOSS, OSS and BOSS
  4. Affordable satellites to all major events
  • Mini Online Super Series (July 21st to 28th)
    This is the series for players on a budget, but still has solid prize pools. Main Event is a $300,000 GTD ($88 buy-in) on Sunday, July 28th.
  • Online Super Series (July 29th to August 11th)
    This is the flagship series designed for players of all bankroll sizes. The Main Event is a $1,000,000 GTD ($540 buy-in) on Sunday, August 11th.
  • Bigger Online Super Series (August 12th to 18th)
    This is the High roller series with big buy-ins, big prize pools and small fields. Main Event is a $1,000,000 GTD ($2,100 buy-in) on Sunday, August 18th.

The Featured Event of the OSS Cub3d is Day 1C of the $5 Million Venom. The Venom guarantees $1,000,000 for first place and it all begins on Sunday, July 14th with Day 1A.
Get the complete Venom details here.