Online Poker Players need to be aware of sports bettors

So you’re a poker player and you’re not very big on nor do you care much about sports betting. You just don’t follow it enough to feel like you’d have much of chance of winning and you prefer a game where you have more control of what happens. Well, that’s fair enough.

But if you play online poker at a site like Bodog that also has a casino and a sportsbook, it’s important to know that one of the biggest perks you get from playing there is that you get to play against less experienced and loose poker players who made money in the sportsbook or casino and have come over to try their luck in the poker room. And you should be the shark just waiting for a feeding frenzy! This is why as an online poker player you need to follow who is winning in the sports world. This is the basic formula for knowing when there’s lots of loose money and if the favored team wins, there will be more sports bettors in the poker room, thus increasing your odds on making a nice Sunday or Monday night payday! I have tested this theory and beleive me it works! Even if you hit the low limits in no limit holdem, you can make some serious cash in a very short amount of time!

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Every week Bodog’s poker room fills up when the favored teams win, so whay not get in there and take advantage of a poker room where the odds are thoroughly stacked in the experienced players favor. Very few of the sports bettors will be experience poker players and what is wrong with you being on the receiving end of a very loose table? A good NFL game to keep your eye on this Sunday is the heavily favored New York Jets against the Kansas City Chiefs. If the Jets win, just take a peak in the poker room and watch as the fish swim in. And more important… watch how fast you can build your bankroll!

And as an added bonus, this weekend is the Breeders Cup in horse racing, watch the fish hit the tables with the “new Money” they win at the track and help them thin out their wallets! Not a member at the Bodog Poker Room? Sign up with this link and take a 110% bonus, that is 100% that you will need to clear and 10% in your account as an up front bonus ready to nibble on the fish! Head on over to the Bodog online poker room and experience the joys of a soft poker game. Read our complete Bodog Poker Review here.

2008 Breeders Cup, info and bonuses!

Online Horse BettingHorse racing lovers, wait no longer, the 2008 Breeders’ Cup World Championship is set to run this Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at Santa Anna!

Early this year the favorite was Big Brown and a lot of debate was between Big Brown and Curlin on who would win the race, but time changes everything, the Triple Crown hopeful has been forced into a very early retirement following a hoof injury suffered on Monday morning.

The odds on favorite for the Breeders Cup is now Curlin at 1 to 1 and he will go up against Go Between, Colonel John, Well Armed, and the Japanese invader Casino Drive.

Now is the time to get started with Bodog Race and place your bets on the Breeders Cup with the knowledge you can gain from the insider infomation and current odds.

In fact, when you sign up with Poker Player US, you can take advantage of our exclusive $50 matching bonus! Use the cash to improve your winnings on the Breeders cup and you only need a 3x rollover to cash out your big win!

This offer will not last long as once the race is complete the offer is over… Hurry over to Bodog Race now and place your bet one of the last major races of the 2008 season! Click here to sign up to the premier horse racing bet site on the interenet!

Breeders Cup - Bet now at Bodog!