Bodog Poker Adds New Table Features!

Bodog Poker - New Features, Big Bonus!When it comes to playing online poker, the overall experience factor is something that Bodog Poker has always taken very seriously. Many times players have said the software was "plain", but for the serious poker player, it is far from just plain. All the tools you need are right at your fingertips, (or mouse click).

Personally, I always loved the Bodog Poker software as there are so few distractions. You won’t find any cheesy images, annoying music or sketchy marketing tactics anywhere on Bodog because that’s not the way they do business. And since they have been in business so long (15 years) I think they have a rather good grasp on what players want and need. Simplicity is bliss for me!

Well, I guess it was time for a change, well, not a huge one, but a subtle change and certainly a change to the good! I believe you will enjoy the new features as much as I did the last time I played online poker at Bodog.

Here is what Bodog has just added to the poker room:

Muck One Card Feature: A common feature in land casinos, showing your opponent just one card is a strategy that Bodog’s skilled Hold’em players can now use to confuse or even mock their opponents. Maybe you were on Ace – Rag and put in a major bluff, you can now show the table just the Ace and make them wonder if you had pocket rockets or big slick. Or maybe you’ll just show the 5 off suit to frustrate them when you really held a King to complete a set. After all, a frustrated opponent makes for a rewarding win, wouldn’t you agree? Get your opponent steaming and clean him out when you hold the nuts!

The ‘NEW’ Final Table: Anytime you reach the final table in a multi-table tournament (MTT) it is quite an accomplishment. Well, Bodog thinks so too and now has a special Final Table that is unlike the other tables. Nice and classy in true Bodog fashion, edgy graphics and a tastefully designed table that perfectly compliment the intensity of final table action. Just wait till you make it to the Final Table, you’ll really want to pat yourself on the back when you see the new surroundings!

I was going to post a picture of the final table here but thought you would rather see it for yourself when you make the tournament final! I didn’t want to spoil the surprise :). Why not see it for yourself and Play Texas Hold’em at Bodog today for a truly unique online poker experience. All US players are welcome at Bodog Poker!

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