SuertePoker Locked Out From the Cake Network!

What's up at SuertePoker

It appears SuertePoker has been terminated from the Cake Network earlier today due to alleged rake back policy violations. We are 100% sure of the exact situation or events that lead up to the actions taken by the management of the Cake Poker Network but we have received a few emails that may lend to the reasons for the shutdown of operations.

In a letter received today:

Dear suertepokerplayer

As part of a network we have rules that all skins need to follow. One of those rules on Cake poker network is that no player can get more than 33% in rakeback. Cakepokernetwork has today decided that we are not in compliance with the network rules regarding rakeback and have therefore decided to shut us down.

We feel we are in the right here and are at this moment discussing this matter with representatives from the Cake poker network.

During this time we assure you that your money is secure and you can at anytime login and withdraw the money if you wish to do so.

We will get back to you as soon as we know the results of our discussions with Cake.
Our sincere apologies for this and we hope to be back online very soon.

kind regards


One player from the Poker Player US forum attempted to sign up today and was turned away by support saying that they are moving from the Cake network and are not accepting new sign ups.

Another member inquired to SuertePoker and received the following email in repsonse to his query:

Hello [name removed for privacy],

We regret to inform you that Suerte Poker will be leaving the Cake Network as its contract has been terminated by the Network operator. Because of this you will no longer be able to participate in real money games or tournaments on the Network but you will be able to play ring games against other Suerte players. This includes freerolls and gold chip/gold card tournaments since these offer real money prizes. You will still be able to access network play money ring games for the immediate future. You will also still have access to the cashier system however it will no longer be possible for you to make real money deposits. If your account has a real money balance, you can request to cashout these funds via the cashout tab and this will be processed as soon as possible given the situation.

If you are registered in or hold a ticket for an upcoming cash/satellite tournament, we will be processing refunds for these over the next few days. Please note that tickets held for freerolls hold no cash value and we will be unable to offer a cash refund for these events.

We do apologise for the inconvenience and we will be in touch to confirm any new developments regarding real money play on Suerte Poker.

Please let us know if we can be for further assistance


SuertePoker Support.

Emails to our contacts at SuertePoker have remained unanswered at this time. The withdrawal screen at the poker site remains available at the time of this posting and we would strongly suggest you process any cash outs you are able to.

Poker Player US offers it’s most sincere apologies to our readers for this mess. We had very high hopes for this online poker room, they had some great promotions and we even were able to offer our visitors and members the chance to qualify for a seat in an upcoming Latin America Poker Tour (LAPT) event. The way it appears, those dreams will be placed on the back burner until Suerte Poker can land an agreement either with the Cake Poker Network or move to another network.

In the absence of this site on the Cake Poker Network, may we recommend other poker rooms that use the same software and network that have stood the test of time. Click here to view other Cake Network Poker Rooms


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