Bodog Mini Series of Poker to award 2010 WSOP Main Event Package!

Play Online PokerMissed out on this year’s WSOP? Are you on tilt because you did not win a seat to the Main Event? Well, Bodog Poker has a nice cure. You can join in the battle to be among the first to win 2010 Main Event seats along with the usual Bodog swag that comes with the $12,000 prize package in just a few short weeks!

The Bodog Mini Series of Poker (MSOP) kicks off on July 3rd at 8:35 PM eastern and continues until Wednesday July 15th with a series of low buy in qualifiers. Every day at 8:35 PM eastern, Bodog will hold a $10 + 1 qualifier. If you finish in the top 30% of players in any qualifying tournament, you will earn points based on your finish. These points will be used to rank you on the leaderboard.

Play the qualifiers to get a seat in the final, and even if you don’t win the qualifier, you still earn points in the Tournament Leader Board by finishing in the top 30% of each qualifier. The top 10 places on the leaderboard advance to the finals and placed 11-50 go to the semi-finals for a shot at the 2009 Bodog Mini Poker Series Final Tournament. You can also qualify for the finals if you play all 13 games and a seat in the semi-finals for playing 7 of 13 games. I can’t think of any other online poker series that gives this many chances to make it to a final tournament.

At the end of the qualifying series, Bodog Poker will host two very special tournaments; first will be the Mini Series Semifinal held on Tuesday, July 21st 2009, and then on Thursday, July 23rd 2009 the Bodog Mini Poker Series Final Tournament will play out. Win that and you’ve got yourself a $12,000 WSOP* prize package – you will be the winner of one of THE FIRST seats to the 2010 WSOP* Main Event as a member of Team Bodog 2010!

Sign up with Bodog Poker, using referral code 2429235 and get a super 110% welcome bonus up to $500 FREE! Then start working on your quest to play in the 2010 WSOP* compliments of the good people at Bodog. All US players are welcome at Bodog!

Go to the 2009 Bodog Mini Poker Series tournament schedule! For more information on Bodog Poker, read our Bodog Poker Review.

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