More Ways to Take Doyles Cash!

Best Bonus on any Cake Poker Site!There are now even more ways to take on the legend of poker Doyle Brunson and take his cash! Now you can go up against Doyle in the cash games at DoylesRoom, the only online poker room that Mr Brunson endorses and plays at! Every weekday, Monday through Friday you can take on Doyle "Tex_Dolly" in the $5/$10 and $10/20 NL Texas Hold’em cash tables. And to join him at the tables, you can expect to see Todd and Pam Brunson, Hoyt Corkins, some of the elite "Brunson 10" team along with other friends and poker pros dropping in to play poker and chat with players.

You can join in the games or come by just to watch, you’ll find the tables in the Ring Games > Texas Hold’em > Real Money tab at DoylesRoom.

The Bounty is Bigger!

Taking the bounty to the next level happened last month when the US friendly online poker room doubled the size of "The Bounty", the weekly multi table tournament at DoylesRoom and took the 25k in available bounties to a massive $50,000 if you take out all three. And as an extra award… if you bust out Doyle "Tex_Dolly" Brunson with a 10/2 you get an extra $5,000!

The Bounty remains one of the best values in online poker thanks to the rebate that is available to you the first time you play! Just buy in to the game for $27.50 and whether you win or lose, go to the DoylesRoom website here and request a rebate!

For tonight’s game, October 7, 2009, the bounties will be on Doyle "Tex_Dolly" Brunson, Pam "Queen_Kitty" Brunson and Mike "Mike_Caro" Caro. Knock out one and get $1,000, two bounties earn you $10,000 and all three bounties pay you $50,000! Almost forgot to tell you, if you win the tournament, you not only get the 1st place cash, you also get a $500 Free Casino Chip to use at DoylesCasino!

DoylesRoom is located on the Cake Poker Network and remains US friendly. Use our special exclusive links to get up to $660 FREE with the 110% matching bonus at DoylesRoom! That is the very best poker bonus of any Cake Network poker room! Check out our DoylesRoom review for more great promotions including how to spend a weekend with Doyle in Las Vegas!

Bounties Announced for DoylesRoom Bounty Game 9-23-09!

Best Bonus on any Cake Poker Site!This weeks line up for the famous Doyle Brunson Bounty game at the US friendly DoylesRoom have been announced. Since Doyle Brunson and son Todd, along with Hoyt Corkins are off in London playing in the WSOP Europe this week they have some worthy stand ins to make up the bounty prizes.

Tonight, Wednesday September 23rd, the bounties will be Mike "The Mad Genius of Poker" Caro, Pam "Queen_Kitty" Brunson and this is the first chance you have to take out the new Brunson 10 Pro, Zach "Crazy Zachary" Clark. Zach was hand selected by Doyle to be in the elite group called the Brunson 10.

Each bounty has a $1,000 bounty on their head and if you can take out all three, you get a $50,000 payday! Knocking out two bounties is not bad either as you will score a $10,000 bounty prize! Win the tournament and you will also get a free $500 chip for DoylesCasino!

If you have never played "The Bounty" at DoylesRoom, you are in for a treat! Your first game is on the house! Just put up your buy in and after the game is over, claim a 100% rebate from the website! Now, tell me when was the last time you could freeroll for a shot at 50k plus the regular prizepool from the buy ins? US players are welcome to join the game at DoylesRoom too! The online poker site uses the rapidly growing Cake Network software and boasts over $5 million in guaranteed poker tournaments every month!

It is not all about tournament poker at DoylesRoom either, you can join in a cash game anytime of day at nearly any level! There are always players in the cash games waiting to give away their hard earned money. The tables have a more than adequate supply of fish ready to freely hand over their money!

Sign up to DoylesRoom with Poker Player US and use bonus code PPU110B and you will get the best bonus of any poker room on the Cake network! You get 110% matched on your first deposit up to $660 FREE! Click here to get your DoylesRoom account now!

Join Doyle Brunson at the WPT Five Star Classic

Join Doyle Brunson in Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be seated at the tables in a World Poker Tour event? What about if you could play in the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic and not have to put up the $15,000 + $400 buy in? What if there was a way you could experience a weekend of Las Vegas first class living with Doyle Brunson and get a private poker coaching session with Doyle before the event starts? Would you be interested? Not many online poker players would pass up this chance of a lifetime, well, not the serious online players.

This is not a dream, there is a way to answer "Yes" to all the questions above and it only costs 22 cents (or one Gold Chip) to start your journey to the WPT in Las Vegas on December 13, 2009! DoylesRoom, the US friendly online poker room (the only one endorsed by Doyle Brunson), is running satellites to award trips that include all of the above from September 4th until December 4th. There are 10 steps in the sit n go WPT Doyle Brunson Classic 2009 Steps series. Win step 10 and you will be packing your bags for the only WPT event to be named after a Legend of Poker!

You can start at step one for a tiny 22 cent buy in or catch up with the action by buying in at any level along the way. One thing is for certain, well, really two things, you can only win this trip by winning the step 10 sit n go, and you can only win this trip by playing at DoylesRoom! You can find the tournaments listed in the "Tournament >> Events" tab at DoylesRoom and since they are sit n go’s you can choose when you want to play, the games begin as soon as 10 players are registered.

As for the prizes, this is rather juicy, you see, when you win the WPT package, you will also be the winner of the Doyles Brunson Vegas Experience you will win the following:

  • Your entry in to the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic (valued at $15,400 USD)
  • $1,000 USD in your DoylesRoom account for round trip airfare to Las Vegas
  • Hotel accommodations during your stay
  • Private coaching session with Doyle Brunson

So, what are you waiting for? Open an account at DoylesRoom today and start your path to winning right away! When you sign up and use promo code PPU110B you can get the best poker bonus of any Cake Network Poker Room, 110% match up to $660 FREE!

Please note: You must be available to appear in Las Vegas, Nevada during the month of December, 2009. You must be at least 21 years of age (or older) to attend the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic tournament and activities. Complete details including tournment schedules, prizing, terms and conditions may be viewed at the DoylesRoom website located here.

US Friendly Online Poker


Two Easy Ways to Get Free DoylesRoom Cash!

Best poker bonus on cake networkThe good people at DoylesRoom have been busy over the past few days and come up with some great new poker promotions! DoylesRoom now has a Royal Flush bonus up to $1,000 free and a promotion I have not seen before, an "Aces Cracked" promotion! This is just another great reason to play online poker at DoylesRoom.

Any poker player knows how bad it hurts to have your pocket Aces busted, so DoylesRoom has found a way to make you feel better about your bad beat. Play in any real money Texas Hold’em cash game (.50/1.00 and higher) and if your pocket aces loose the hand, they will give you $25 to soothe the beat! All you have to do is contact live chat with the hand number that you suffered the cracked aces and they will give you $25 free within 24 hours!†

DoylesRoom has also introduced a Royal Flush Bonus that will pay you up to $1,000 if you get the elusive Royal Flush when playing at any real money Texas Holdem cash table. The amount of the bonus is based on the level of game you are playing, playing .01/.02 to .50/1.00 earns a $250 cash prize and $1/$2 to $500.$1000 blinds earns a cool $1,000!‡ All you have to do claim this special bonus is use both hole cards and the hand must reach showdown. Once you finish the hand, contact DoylesRoom via live chat, email or phone and let them know of the hand number that you had the Royal Flush in, they will pay your prize within 24 hours of notification.

DoylesRoom is a US Friendly poker room and used the popular Cake Gaming Software. When you sign up with DoylesRoom using our links and bonus code PPU110B, you can claim the best bonus of any poker room on the network, 110% bonus up to a huge $660 FREE! Learn more at our DoylesRoom Review page.

US Friendly Online Poker

† Aces Cracked Terms:

  • Play at any $0.50/$1 and higher real money Hold’em ring games at between September 1st and September 30th, 2009.

  • The money will be deposited into the players’ account 24 hours after submitting the hand to our Support Department during weekdays. Any prize awarded during the weekend will be deposited the following Monday.

  • Player must submit the Hand ID to a team member via live chat, e-mail or over the phone to receive the award.

  • Omaha High/ Omaha High-LO / Omaha PLO tables and play money tables are excluded from the Cracked Aces promotion.

‡ Royal Flush Bonus Terms:

  • The Royal Bonus only applies to Texas Hold’em real money ring games in all stakes and Limits

  • To earn the bonus, the Royal Flush must win the hand.

  • The winning hand must include both hole cards and must go to a showdown.

  • Any violation of the DoylesRoom Terms and Conditions or misbehavior at the tables will void the bonus.

  • A maximum Royal Flush bonus cash payment of $1,000 will be paid on any one claim.

  • Royal Flush promotion bonus payments will be made in accordance with the stake levels listed above and time frames indicated below.

  • The money will be deposited into the players’ account 24 hours after submitting the hand to our Support Department during weekdays. Any prize awarded during the weekend will be deposited the following Monday.

  • Player must submit the Hand ID to a team member via live chat, e-mail or over the phone to receive the bonus.

The Bounty Returns to Doyles Room, earn $50,000 in Bounties!

The Bounty! Play against Doyle Brunson! Huge bounty awards!

The wait is over! Now that Doyle Brunson has returned from the 2009 WSOP, it is now time to shuffle up and deal with Doyle and friends at the world famous "Doyle’s Bounty"! And to make a great game even better than before, the bounties have been increased! In fact, Doyle has doubled up on the prizes! Now when you play in Doyle’s Bounty game and take out a bounty you will earn a $1,000 prize! Two bounties earns you $10,000 and taking out three of the professional players in the game, you will take home $50,000!

Now to make this game even more desirable, you can play your first bounty game free! Just buy your way in for a low $27.50 and win or lose, you get a rebate when you play for the first time! All you have to do is claim your rebate at the website after the game, and within 24 hours, you will get the total back in to your account! How can anyone pass up a deal like that? This makes the game one of the best freerolls you will ever play! You just can not lose a cent!

The bounties for the game this week, that plays on Wednesday August 19th at 9:30pm Eastern, will be Doyle Brunson, Mike Caro, Hoyt Corkins and guest bounty LDM72. There are some extra prizes at stake here too, if you knock out Doyle while holding his signature 10/2 hole cards, you will get another $5,000 on top of the regular bounty you earned. If you win the game, not only will you scoop the cash prize for 1st place, you also get $500 in free casino chips to use at DoylesCasino!

There is no better value anywhere in online poker, just try to find a game that costs only 27.50, rebates your buy in, gives up to $50,000 in bounties and a $500 free chip for casino. You won’t find this anywhere except for DoylesRoom! Why not sign up today and take a free shot at the bounties! DoylesRoom is a US friendly online poker room.

Sign up with our special links, use bonus code PPU110B and you can take up to $660 FREE thanks to our exclusive 1st deposit bonus! That is the best bonus of any Cake poker network site! Check out our DoylesRoom review.

Best Poker Bonus

Live the Life of a Highroller With Doyle Brunson!

US Poker Players play at DoylesRoomHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a highroller in Las Vegas? DoylesRoom is giving you the opportunity to be treated like royalty in the newest promotion at DoylesRoom poker! Calling the promotion "Vegas Experience", this is a Las Vegas trip like no other!

Every month DoylesRoom will award the most active player from ring game play and the winner of the steps tournament series a chance of a lifetime! Top either the leaderboard or win the step tournament series and you will earn 48 hours on the town in Las Vegas, thanks to Doyles room!

Here is how to win the Vegas Experience at DoylesRoom for this month:

1. Play in any real money ring games at DoylesRoom between August 5th and August 31st, 2009. The top ranking players will be listed on the Vegas Experience Leader board at

2. Win Step 9 of the Vegas Experience Sit n Go series. You are able to buy into any step of the series and this series starts out at a low buy in of $0.20+.02 for Step 1! The Step Series structure and payouts can be viewed on the Vegas Experience webpage.

If you win the free Las Vegas trip, you can expect to win: $1,000 USD in your DoylesRoom account for round trip airfare to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. DoylesRoom will also provide two night’s hotel accommodations, Las Vegas show ticket, dinner and photos with poker legend Doyle Brunson and entry and beverages to a top Vegas club. Additional event tickets, excursions, casino chips, spending cash or similar items may also be awarded at the discretion of DoylesRoom management.

2nd through 10th places in the Vegas Experience Leaderboard will be awarded a tournament ticket valid for entry into one Doyle’s Bounty Tournament where you can face off against Doyle Brunson himself, take him out and you score a $1,000 bounty! The next bounty game is on Wednesday August 19, 2009.

When you register to play at DoylesRoom, you can claim up to $660 FREE thanks to the exclusive 110% bonus that we have set up for you. Just sign up with our link and use the DoylesRoom bonus code "PPU110B" to claim the best poker bonus of any poker site on the Cake Network! DoylesRoom accepts US players and is one of the safest and most secure online poker room. Read our DoylesRoom review.

Vegas Experience Promotion only at DoylesRoom Poker